Custom whitening trays, which are dispensed in our office, are a very effective way to whiten the teeth and achieve a beautiful smile.

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Yonge and Lawrence Dentistry offers a range of services for your dental health

Dr. Macrae, Dr. Berbrayer and Dr. Mullerbeck and their team can manage all of your dental needs from preventive care for young children to more complex treatment planning for dental implants. They also work with Toronto’s top specialists to deliver the highest quality of care. The services they offer in their office include:  


Although implants are generally considered the ‘gold standard’ for tooth replacement, dental bridges can also ‘bridge the gap’ created by one or more missing teeth.  A bridge is made up of crowns for teeth on either side of the gap, which are attached to a false tooth/teeth in between.


Crowns or ‘caps’ are restorations that protect damaged, cracked or broken teeth.

Dental Emergency Treatment

We are happy to accommodate patients with emergencies.  Please call us and we will see you at our first available opening!


A denture is a removable appliance worn to replace missing teeth.  Implants can be used to secure a removable denture and make it more comfortable and secure.


A severely damaged tooth may need to be extracted.  Teeth are also occasionally removed to facilitate orthodontic treatment.


A filling is used to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal shape and function.  First the decay is removed and the affected area is cleaned out.  The cavity is then filled with a filling material.

Implant restorations

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth.  A titanium fixture is integrated into the jawbone and replaces the root of the tooth.  A crown, which looks like a natural tooth, is securely fastened to the implant fixture.  Implant restorations provide a secure and natural looking tooth or teeth for patients who have lost teeth.


A nightguard is an acrylic splint worn over the teeth at night, that can be used in healthy patients to prevent grinding/bruxism or clenching and subsequent tooth wear and fractures..

Regular Cleanings, Exams and Preventive care

The best way to protect your teeth in the long run is to prevent problems before they arise.  At your regular cleaning appointments, a dental hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth.  Problems that you may not see or feel, such as cavities or gum disease, will also be identified and treated.  Your dental hygienist and dentist can discuss preventive strategies tailored to your needs.


Sealants act as a barrier intended to prevent tooth decay.  They are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars and premolars) where decay appears most often, when the tooth first appears in the mouth and is free of decay.

Snoreguards/Sleep Apnea Appliances

These acrylic appliances can be made for patients who snore or who have mild to moderate sleep apnea and work by repositioning the jaw so that breathing is facilitated and snoring is reduced.  A snore guard/sleep apnea appliance also protects the teeth from wear and fracture.

Tooth Whitening

Custom whitening trays, which are dispensed in our office, are a very effective way to whiten the teeth and achieve a beautiful smile.


A veneer is a layer of porcelain placed over the tooth either to improve the aesthetics of the tooth.  Veneers can mask discolourations, discrepancies in shape or size or even rotated teeth.

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